In May 2013, Pope Francis approved the addition of the name of St. Joseph to Eucharistic Prayer II, III, and IV of The Roman Missal. Some customers who prefer not to write the addition onto the appropriate pages by hand have called to request an adequate way of making this revision in their copies published by Liturgical Press.

The revisions affect pages 649, 653, and 661 in both Liturgical Press editions of the Roman Missal (Altar Edition and Chapel Edition).

We provide here two .pdf files, one for each edition, which can be printed out on a standard printer. Each sheet provides the pertinent paragraphs from the three pages noted above, in a size and color that matches the original editions. You will need to use a color printer and be sure it is set to print at 100% (actual size). We recommend printing them on an 8 1/2 x 11 white label sticker, then clipping the paragraphs out and carefully affixing them to the appropriate pages.

Thank you for purchasing your Roman Missal from Liturgical Press. These revisions to the Eucharistic Prayers will be included in all our future reprints of this liturgical book.

Click here for the Altar Edition Revision
Click here for the Chapel Edition Revision

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